About Us

Who is DecalSkin.com

Here at DecalSkin, we pride ourselves on delivering only the highest quality skins to our beloved customers!

In 2007, it was the dream of two newlywed 20-somethings to start a company that would offer the coolest and best vinyl skins for gadget-lovers just like them. We started as a very basic mom-and-pop eBay company focusing only on creating and selling skins for game consoles and laptops to our direct customers. 

Our little dream quickly grew to be bigger than we could’ve ever imagined! Distributors and resellers around the world began contacting us to see how they could get a hold of our products. As a result, we focused our attention away from eBay and developed our own website in order to expand our business to accommodate b2b transactions. 
2009 was a huge year for us! We not only started offering skins for cell phones, ebooks and tablets, but we also started offering drop-ship services to our resellers. This takes away the hassle of having to handle your own inventory for a more convenient and efficient experience. It also allows us to personally guarantee the quick and easy shipping services consistent with the DecalSkin name. 

Many of our customers remain loyal, and they are constantly telling us how much they value the variety, quality, and affordability of our products. And we certainly aim to please every day, 365 days a year. Well, sort of; our team is off on weekends and major holidays. Even the best need a break every now and then! 

As we continue to grow, we here at DecalSkin promise to continue delivering the best products combined with the best service. Thanks for taking the time to get to know us; now go ahead and browse for the perfect skin that defines YOU!


From all of us