What is DecalSkin?

What is a DecalSkin?

Don't like the bulkiness of a hard case or a silicon cover? Instantly make over and personalize your devices with protective DecalSkin.

Unlike hard cases and thick epoxy/silicon skins, DecalSkin is specially engineered to give your device a fresh new look without weighing it down.

Made of the same grade of material you find on most high-end vehicle car wrap, DecalSkin provides the ultimate durability, full and brilliant UV resistant colors prints for your devices. Enhanced by the patented Air-Release Adhesive technology, application of DecalSkin is guaranteed to be bubble-free. Once applied, DecalSkin can cover up old ugly scratches and protects your devices from minor surface scratches. Unlike ordinary sticker, DecalSkin does not leave nasty goo when removed, so you may change your skin as often as you change your clothes.

What are DecalSkins made of?

DecalSkins are made from cast vinyl with patented Air-Release Adhesive technology. DecalSkins are also known as vinyl skin or vinyl decals. Skins are digitally cut to fit the unique contour of each device and offers to cover up and protect device surface from scratches.

Is DecalSkin easy to apply?

Yes, "peel it and stick it!" that's how easy it is to apply a DecalSkin. DecalSkins are custom designed and cut for each device. They sometimes come in multiple pieces. If you take your time and follow the Easy Application Tips, you can instantly makeover your device in no time!

Is DecalSkin easy to remove?

Yes, should you choose to remove the skin or change style in the future, skins can be easily removed without leaving any harmful residues. If there is any residue left on the device, it can be wiped off easily with WD-40. However, once removed, the Skin will never again adhere quite as well as the first time.

Will it void my device warranty?

Typically, the application of a Skin will not void a device warranty, but we recommend reviewing your warranty to be certain. The Skin is placed on the original device cover and can be easily removed with no traces. We will not be responsible for any damage caused by customization that was not already covered under your warranty.


What are the differences between a DecalSkin and a Sticker?

DecalSkin is made out of PET/PVC vinyl with an extra laminate coating, the same type of material you found on vehicle graphics or car wrap. A sticker normally made out of paper with adhesive backing. Skins are stretchable, not easily tore, torn and can be removed easily without leaving harmful residues. Skins can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth while cleaning a sticker will damage the sticker itself.